Doctor V – Honest Review of Eucerin

So today’s topic has been requested a lot, and it is reviewing Eucerin, which products I like from the range and which ones I would sidestep. If that sounds good to you, please give me a thumbs up. Let’s dive right in. Okay. So the first product that I’ve reviewed is their Ultra Sensitive SoothingContinue reading “Doctor V – Honest Review of Eucerin”

Doctor V – Is hard water making your skincare routine ineffective ?

Today’s topic is hard water versus soft water. I know we talk a lot about actives, but actually, it’s really important to talk about water too. If that sounds good to you, please give me a thumbs up. Let’s dive right in. The first thing to note obviously is what is hard water? Hard waterContinue reading “Doctor V – Is hard water making your skincare routine ineffective ?”

Doctor V – Layering Minimalist for Acne

Today’s topic is all about Be Minimalist and how to layer for acne. Now, Be Minimalist is probably one of the most impressive brands that I’ve seen come from India, and I think it’s also selling in obviously the Southeast and obviously the far East as well. The reason why I love it is becauseContinue reading “Doctor V – Layering Minimalist for Acne”

Doctor V – How To Treat Red & Brown Acne Marks

So today’s topic is all about treating acne. The red marks, PIE, and then the brown marks, PIH. The reason why this video really was necessary is, generally speaking, for Caucasian skin, their main issue would be, say, the acne and then some PIE as well, red marks. But with us, it’s just an ongoingContinue reading “Doctor V – How To Treat Red & Brown Acne Marks”

Pregnancy – Anti Ageing in Skin of Colour

Okay, so today’s topic has been really requested, and actually you know, it’s something we don’t talk about enough, and this is really anti-aging pregnancy skincare. It’s almost like you go through pregnancy and people think you have nothing else to worry about. Like you’re pregnant and that’s all you should be thinking about. ButContinue reading “Pregnancy – Anti Ageing in Skin of Colour”

The Best Body Washes For Skin Of Colour

So today’s topic, I think, is very important. Body skin really does get neglected. We talk about the face so much, but actually the skin on our body ages. It’s dry, you get dermatitis… So any form of inflammation. And actually, we really should be taking better care of everything from here down. It isContinue reading “The Best Body Washes For Skin Of Colour”

How To Treat Pitted Acne Scars

So what are these pitted scars? These are the remnants of severe acne. They tend to be pustular acne with cysts and these take place at the base of the hair follicle. Now, when this ruptures there’s a sudden loss of collagen, and that’s when you see that big dip. There are three main typesContinue reading “How To Treat Pitted Acne Scars”


In winter, our skin is being assaulted constantly, whether you’re inside and you have central heating on or air conditioning on you, you have increased transepidermal water loss. So water is literally evaporating for your skin and your skin is going to feel tight. Then you go outside into the cold and you have freezingContinue reading “WINTER SKIN CARE ROUTINE”