Doctor V – Which Vitamin A For Acne

So today’s topic, I don’t know why we haven’t made this video before is how would you choose which vitamin A to use with acne? There are so many different forms of vitamin A, derivatives of vitamin A. We use them interchangeably. And I just feel like actually, I don’t think people really understand theContinue reading “Doctor V – Which Vitamin A For Acne”

Doctor V – Is Microneedling Safe For Skin Of Colour

Now today’s topic has been requested a lot. Finally, we’ve managed to get around to it, and the question is, is micro-needling at home safe for skin of color, and it’s an excellent question. The reason why it’s excellent question is because, obviously, you’re causing micro injury when you are piercing the skin with needles,Continue reading “Doctor V – Is Microneedling Safe For Skin Of Colour”

Doctor V – How To Treat Body Pigmentation

So today’s topic is about body pigmentation in skin of color. With us, we have large melanocytes that are easily triggered. And so literally one scratch, one bite or one burn, and we hyper-pigment. So for us on our body, it tends to happen on the back from back acne, butt acne, shoulder acne. ItContinue reading “Doctor V – How To Treat Body Pigmentation”

Doctor V – Can You Wear Benzoyl Peroxide With Antioxidants

Today’s post is can you use benzoyl peroxide with antioxidants? This is a really important question, because they essentially do two opposite things. But guess what? We all need vitamin A when you’re dealing with acne, which is an antioxidant. So imagine wearing benzyl peroxide at the same time as vitamin A. Is that somethingContinue reading “Doctor V – Can You Wear Benzoyl Peroxide With Antioxidants”

How To Treat Eczema Around The Eyes

So today’s topic is all about periorbital eczema, so that’s eczema around the eyes. So it tends to happen on the eyelids and underneath the eyes. I’ve got multiple videos on eczema for the face, body, and for children. So you can watch those for those specific situations. But this one really is for aroundContinue reading “How To Treat Eczema Around The Eyes”

The Best Cleansers To Use With Retinol

Now, today’s topic is best cleansers to use with retinol. If that sounds good to you, give me a thumbs up. Let’s dive right in. So first thing that you need to know, is really what retinol is and how does it work. Retinol, basically increases cell turnover. So it means that it’s faster forContinue reading “The Best Cleansers To Use With Retinol”

Doctor V – How To Treat Stretch Marks

Today‚Äôs topic has really been requested a lot, and it is how to treat stretch marks. I have a separate video on how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, and I highly recommend if you’re pregnant, or you’re thinking about getting pregnant, please watch that video. I have had two pregnancies and I didn’t getContinue reading “Doctor V – How To Treat Stretch Marks”