Doctor V – Honest Review of E45 for Skin of Colour

So today I’m reviewing E45. I’m trying to review as many of the international brands that most of us will find in our local drug stores as possible, just so that we can literally choose the best products for our skin. As you know, with our skin we do need to be more careful, moreContinue reading “Doctor V – Honest Review of E45 for Skin of Colour”

Doctor V – Honest Review of Beauty Pie

Today’s topic is one that you’ve asked me for many, many times… Beauty Pie. Beauty Pie is a very interesting model and I do love the model. I love that you basically, you pay a subscription and products are made for you that are usually £50-£100, but you’re receiving them for £10 because there’s noContinue reading “Doctor V – Honest Review of Beauty Pie”


Is masking worth it for skin of colour, or should we avoid? Now, one thing I love about masking is that you’re basically creating an occlusive environment where actives can penetrate without so much transepidermal water loss taking place. And by doing this, you’re creating a healing environment plus actives. At the same time, ifContinue reading “THE BEST FACE MASKS FOR SKIN OF COLOUR”