Doctor V – Honest Review of Eucerin

So today’s topic has been requested a lot, and it is reviewing Eucerin, which products I like from the range and which ones I would sidestep. If that sounds good to you, please give me a thumbs up. Let’s dive right in.

Okay. So the first product that I’ve reviewed is their Ultra Sensitive Soothing product, and it’s for sensitive, dry skin. So the reason I love this product, and I would say to purchase it is because the second ingredient here is squalene. So that’s a skin identical emollient. So it smooths the skin with no irritation. And the third ingredient and fourth ingredient is glycerin and butylene, so these are humectants and moisturizer. So don’t forget humectants are water magnet, so they literally just suck water into the top layer of the epidermis and it plumps up that top layer of skin, and that really creates a healing environment for your skin.

So because this is for sensitive skin, I’m presuming your skin is going to feel red, it’s going to look red, it’s going to feel sensitive, dry, might be flaky, and that is the opposite of a healing environment for your skin. Having a dry skin actually prevents your skin from recovering and repairing. We have to have a hydrated epidermis in order to repair the barrier. If you have got a damaged skin barrier, then I do recommend you watch my video that’s dedicated to repairing a damaged skin barrier, but from the Eucerin range, I love this product and I would recommend it.

The next product I’ve reviewed for you is Eucerin Advanced Repair. I would say, avoid this product if you have acne. The reason being is called glyceryl stearate SE, which has three out of five on the comedogenic scale, and it’s got carrageenan in it, which has five out of five on the comedogenic scale. Now you may have noticed that I changed my pronunciation from comedogenic to comedogenic. And the reason being, that my father called me up one day after he saw one of my videos and he said, “What are you talking about? Comedogenic? You sound like you’re talking about a dragon. So it’s comedogenic. It’s comedogenic, Vanita.” So right, it’s comedogenic and from now on, I will pronounce it the correct way. Okay. So the rest of the ingredients in here are moisturizers, emollients. So it’s got glycerin, urea, cetearyl alcohol, parkii butter, and ceramides. So all excellent ingredients and they’re going to create a healing environment for your skin. So perfect for very dry skin. Just avoid it if you have acne. If you have dry skin, please purchase this product. I love it.

The next product I reviewed for you was their Calming Body Wash for dry skin. So again, I’d avoid it if you have acne, the reason being, it’s got glycine soja oil in it, which is three out of five on the comedogenic scale, and it’s got laureth-4, which is five out of five on the commander genic scale, but it is excellent for dry skin. So it’s a very fatty formula. I love it. There’s no fragrance in it, no essential oils, no irritants in it. So again, if you have dry skin, please do buy this product.

The next product I reviewed for you was the Eucerin Gentle Hydrating Cleanser. So the surfactants used here are sodium laureth sulfate and cocamidopropyl betaine which are both… Don’t forget, cocamidopropyl betaine is a foaming booster so it usually isn’t on its own because it’s not a very strong surfactant, and sodium laureth sulfate, it’s also a gentle surfactant. So I like that they’ve combined these two because I suppose it is for dry skin. It’s actually really nice when I see the formula actually matches up with what it says in the title. So the title does say gentle hydrating cleanser, and often that isn’t the case. Often, what it says in the title is really not to what’s going on with ingredients.

So I’m happy with this, but the only thing I’d say is… Actually having said that, it actually doesn’t have any humectants in it. So it’s probably not going to be that hydrating. It’s just not going to be that harsh. So yeah, I’d like to retract that statement because they were a hydrating cleanser. I would say it’s a gentle cleanser, not gentle hydrating cleanser. It doesn’t have fragrance in it though, and I would personally buy this product. There probably are better products out there that have got humectants in them, but it’s okay. I’d probably say, to be honest, if you have dry skin, better to go with the micellar gel wash than this, but it’s okay.

Now, do you remember I told you I was only going to review the best products and I wasn’t going to put out any negative energy out there, and I wasn’t going to say too much, too many things that I don’t like about products? So these are the only products that I liked from the range, and these are products that I wanted to feature in this video, but for one reason or the other, I didn’t like the other products. If you think that I’ve missed a product that you think should be Dr. V approved, can you please write it down below for me? And I will investigate for you, but I went through quite a few products on the website, and these are the ones that are going to be the best for skin of color and the least irritating.

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