Doctor V – Honest Review of VaniCream

Right, so today is a review of Vanicream and it was actually Dr. Dre who made me aware of this brand. If you don’t follow Dr. Dre, she’s a fantastic dermatologist that I would highly recommend you do follow on YouTube and I’ll link her YouTube down below, too, for you. But a lot of you have asked me for Vanicream. I think probably more in the US than anywhere else. So let’s see which ones I like and which ones I would avoid for skin of color.

Okay. So starting off with the first product, which is a Vani Gentle Facial Cleanser, so the second ingredient here is glycerin, a very good humectant. I love it. And then they’ve got Coco-glucoside and Sodium Coco-glycinate, which are very gentle surfactants, which I love too. It’s got no alcohol in it and it’s got no fragrance in it. I love, love, love it. So definitely you want to purchase this one, if you have sensitive skin, any form of dermatitis, eczema, yeah those sorts of different skin types are going to work well with this particular cleanser.

It’s important for you to know that none of my videos have ever been sponsored and they never will be sponsored. This is literally just a video library, a reference library for our skin of color family globally to let you know what’s worth your money and what is, maybe, something worth sidestepping.

So the second product I want to talk about is their Moisturizing Cream. Now the second ingredient here is Petrolatum. Now, this is a fantastic emollient, meaning what it does is imagine your skin cells are all a little bit shriveled and curled at the top. emollient just smooths out the edges so that you get even reflection of light and that’s what gives you that flawless looking skin and that’s why the difference between moisturizing and not moisturizing is dull skin and then skin that looks brighter. However, what I would say, because the second ingredient here is Petrolatum, I would only really use this for very dry skin. So eczema, prone skin. I would avoid it if you have oily, acne prone skin.

It’s also got some great moisturizers in it. It’s called a Sorbitol in it and Propylene Glycol in it, too. So it is going to be a very hydrating cream and actually, if you have dry skin, this is going to be a savior. So I absolutely love this product. It has no fragrance in it. No irritants in it. No skin sensitizers in it. So this one’s very good for skin of color.

So the next product is the Gentle Body Wash. The second ingredient here is Glycerin. So again, a very good humectant. The third ingredient here is Coco-glucoside, which is a very gentle surfactant and it’s also got Sodium Cocoyl Glycinate, too, plus Panthenol. Panthenol is an anti-inflammatory, so it’s a skin-soother. This product has no irritants in it, which is excellent, especially if you have dry, irritated skin.

What you can see here, actually, is a signature. So they use similar surfactants and similar ingredients, and that really tends to become brand-specific and as a formulator myself, I know that you tend to keep going back to the ingredients that you love. So for me, any product that you see that has been made by Dr. V, most of them are going to have Octadecenoic Acid in it, or, for example, it’s going to be like my favorite Vitamin C’s, my favorite Vitamin A’s are going to be in all of them and the reason is when you love an ingredient as a formulator, you will buy 5kg, 50kg of it, sorry, or a ton of an ingredient that you will then put into everything and so then you end up with a signature when it comes to your inky lists and they, you know, there’s a lot of overlap.

It’s just interesting to see. I just love seeing it, especially when I’m reviewing brands because sometimes, actually, like Garnier, for example, I went through and you could tell all the different formulators and where they’d all made their input because it wasn’t the same formulator for all of Garnier, for example.

he next product I want you to talk about is their Moisturizing Ointment and so here they use Hydrogenated Polydecene, which is a silky emollient, and they also use Microcrystalline Wax as the second ingredient, which is basically just a highly refined wax from Petrolatum. So this is what gives the product a very … a semi-solid texture and it’s a fantastic occlusive. Something that you put on after you come out the shower. You pat your skin dry, and then you pop the ointment on and that’s just to trap water molecules.

In fact, I would, probably, what I tend to do is, because I get dry skin as well, is I … in the shower, I would wear my Oilatum Shower Gel, which does a similar thing, but in the shower, and then I tend to either use a body oil like Sweet Almond Oil, for example, or if you have eczema, then this is a fantastic thing to put on as an ointment because an ointment will stick to the skin a lot more than a cream will.

Creams, you do tend to get water loss and skin can feel dry, especially in the winter. Or if you swim a lot. For example, I know oily skin is naturally quite dry. So, an ointment, and a heavier-based moisturizer is fantastic for you.

So I have to say I’m a fan of Vanicream. Definitely a winner, and I hope everybody who has, especially eczema or dermatitis, has purchased it because it’s going to give you so much relief. Right. So the link for your free guide for skincare for skin of color is down below. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and ask me any questions that you have down below as well. Thank you.

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