Pregnancy – Anti Ageing in Skin of Colour

Okay, so today’s topic has been really requested, and actually you know, it’s something we don’t talk about enough, and this is really anti-aging pregnancy skincare. It’s almost like you go through pregnancy and people think you have nothing else to worry about. Like you’re pregnant and that’s all you should be thinking about. But I remember, when you’re pregnant in your 30s, you have the same skincare concerns, whether you’re pregnant or you’re not pregnant. You don’t want to be aging, and you are creaming your belly many times a day. Oh yes, that was me, to make sure I got no stretch marks. I did absolutely everything I possibly could to prevent aging and keep myself strong. I went to the gym and I ate everything that was meant to be good for me.
So I thought, “Okay I think it’s really important, not just to do a video on what to avoid during pregnancy, which I’ve already done for you, “But actually would be more helpful is to tell me Dr. V. okay, great. So there’s all of these things I’m supposed to avoid, but if you could just please tell me what I’m supposed to do for my face, that would be very helpful.” So today’s video is all about that. If that sounds good to you, please give me a thumbs up.
Okay, right. So first of all, let me just quickly run through for you the anti-aging ingredients that you want to avoid during pregnancy first. Because even at the end I will be telling you specific product recommendations for you, but you may already have anti-aging products. And it’s really important for you to know what to look for on the packaging and whether you should maybe put it on the shelf for when you’re finished, and you’ve had your baby, or whether you can use it now.
Okay, so the actives to avoid during pregnancy are retinoids. So retinoids is everything from retinol palmitate, right through retinal, retinaldehyde, the whole vitamin A family. I’ll tell you what it is. No clinical study has ever been done on retinol during pregnancy, because it’s unethical. It may be fine to wear retinol during pregnancy, but to stay on the safe side we avoid it, because vitamin A can lead to issues, especially in the first trimester. So we just say, completely avoid it throughout the entire pregnancy to stay safe.
The next one is glycolic acid high percentage, just so anything more than 5% you would want to avoid. Chemical sunscreens is the other one. So chemical sunscreens enter the bloodstream. As you know, I’m not a fan of chemical sunscreens and this being one of the reasons. It enters your bloodstream, it enters your urine, it enters your breast milk. It’s not something I wear or I would put on my children. I tend to wear physical sunscreen. So mineral sunscreen, zinc oxide is my best friend. It’s also anti-inflammatory. And it’s just my favorite, especially if you get melasma and you want to be reflecting rather than absorbing and having heat on the face. So it does tend to reflect more than absorb. So chemical sunscreens, you really just want to avoid, full stop, during pregnancy. For this reason you don’t want it entering your bloodstream. You just don’t know the impact it’s going to have long term. So again, make sure you’re sticking with your physical sunscreen.
And right now physical sunscreens we have are very white. I mean, I wear the Neutrogena Sheer Zinc, and honestly, I look ridiculous. I look like a white ghost. And often I get told that my foundation isn’t matching my face and my neck. And that’s because I’m wearing this white sunscreen underneath. However, I don’t know if I should be talking about this right now, but here we go, I am developing the world’s first physical sunscreen that is 100% mineral sunscreen with no chemical sunscreen in it, SPF 50 that’s invisible, the skin of color. And I actually just, everything I manufacture I first make for my own face. And if I love it, then I will mass produce for you.
So even when it comes to my Dr V Sunglasses, I created literally the world’s first anti melasma sunglasses that covered my entire zygoma area because this is where I get melasma. I made one pair for my face and I loved it. And that’s when I decided, “Okay, let’s manufacture for the rest of the world and anyone else that has melasma, this will help them too.” And actually the anti melasma sunglasses are great for pregnancy, because again, it’s not going on your skin, and you’re creating a physical shield.
Don’t forget, during pregnancy melasma is one of your biggest issues. You get the mask of pregnancy. It tends to become worse during pregnancy because estrogen has risen, and so your melanocytes are more sensitive to UV. And this is why it tends to peak at these times. So the Dr V Sunglasses would be beneficial to you in addition to a physical sunscreen.
The next ingredient is your BHA, so your salicylic acid more than 2%. So less than 2% salicylic acid is an anti-inflammatory. When you get more than 2%, it’s a keratolytic. It’s really important that 2% mark. So it’s not that all salicylic acid is bad for you during pregnancy, it isn’t. It is just that less than 2% is really what we try and steer you towards during pregnancy. The other three ingredients are licorice fruit extract, which you’re going to find in a lot of anti-pigmentation creams, alpha arbutin, which you’re going to find in most anti-pigmentation creams, and hydroquinone. These three you need to avoid during pregnancy.
Okay, so now that I’ve gone through the exhaustive list, let me tell you what you should be applying to your skin and what is safe for you to apply to your skin. So you really want to be using vitamin C and E. These are antioxidants. They’re going to mop up free radicals. Free radicals damage your collagen, leading to aging. You want to be using humectants, such as hyaluronic acid or glycerin. These are water magnets. They’re going to plump up your skin and keep it looking healthy, and also creates a healing environment for your skin. I would also add omega fats into your routine and ceramides. I also love peptides during pregnancy. So these are all going to hydrate the skin and repair any damage to the skin barriers or prevent any transepidermal water loss.
Okay, so let me make your life a lot easier and just tell you which products have the correct ingredients for you. So starting off with the PM routine, which is going to be the more complicated routine, because this is really when you want to wear your actives. So you’re going to wash your face with Micellar Gel Wash, and then you want to tone. I really like Paula’s Choice Pore-Reducing Toner, because it’s got niacinamide, which is going to be great for skin texture, for sebum control. You can sometimes get acne during pregnancy. Those are good for pigmentation, which is also one of our concerns during pregnancy. It’s also got glycerin, sodium hyaluronate in it, ceramides, and cholesterol, which are all great for hydration as well. So there are lots of great things in this particular toner, which is why I recommend it.
The next product I love is also from Paula’s Choice, and that is their Super Antioxidant Concentrate Serum. It’s got vitamin C, E and coenzyme Q10 in it, which are all safe antioxidants for you to be wearing during pregnancy. I would then layer on top with your hyaluronic acid. You can buy it from The Ordinary. Perfect if you have non oily skin. If you’re getting acne, then you’re probably not going to want to wear this, because it’s just another layer of something that could potentially clog the pores, but otherwise I would definitely wear this.
And then I top up with your Cetraben or CeraVe. If you are breaking out or getting acne, then I recommend Face Theory Gel Moisturizer. So a non-comedogenic moisturizer, but just listen to your skin. If your skin is feeling dry, which is often what happens when we age, then I would recommend Cetraben or CeraVe.
In the morning, wash your face again with Miscellar Gel Wash. I would moisturize again with your Cetraben or CeraVe, and I would wear your broad spectrum SPF 50 physical sunscreen. Right now there really are very few that I like that don’t have alcohol or fragrance in them. And the one I wear is Neutrogena Sheer Zinc. Honestly, you do look white. You can watch my holiday blog if you want to see just how white I look without foundation on and just my sun screen, but it is the number one way of preventing aging.
The next thing I would say is, make sure you wear a wide rammed hat. I have such a massive collection. But again, you just want to prevent direct sunlight from hitting your face and the Dr V Anti Melasma Sunglasses that I have mentioned. In fact, I’m going to wear them for you. Okay, so here they are. These are the anti melasma sunglasses, Dr V. Literally they cover my whole zygoma area, and I actually have a tiny face. And so I was just always nervous that lot of sunglasses were just going to be really hard for me to pull off. But you know, especially when I’m driving or I’m walking or I’m on the beach, I just know that my whole melasma area has been covered. And I think anyone that deals with melasma understands that peace of mind. Because honestly, when UV is hitting your skin, anyone with melasma could almost feel tingling happening and they can literally feel their pigmentation getting worse.
And really that was my aim with this was just to give you peace of mind, because often even with SPF50 you don’t know when your sunscreen has run out. You don’t know when your sunscreen has stopped working. All you know is that every two hours you need to reapply and often you miss that window. There are going to be hours of the day where you’re completely exposed. And so really the aim of this was just to make sure that have like almost like a second barrier of protection, especially when you’re out with children and time flies.
So I hope you found this helpful.

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