The Best Body Washes For Skin Of Colour

So today’s topic, I think, is very important. Body skin really does get neglected. We talk about the face so much, but actually the skin on our body ages. It’s dry, you get dermatitis… So any form of inflammation. And actually, we really should be taking better care of everything from here down. It is just as important.

So today we’re going to be talking about the best body washes for skin of color. As you already know, skin of color, we have large melanocytes than Caucasian skin. They are easier to trigger. We can’t afford to irritate them or inflame them because if that happens, it leads to pigmentation. So for example, even eczema on the body will inflame the skin and can lead to PIH. Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. And with us we just have to be so much more careful.
Okay, so first of all, what are the main reasons for dry skin? So the main reasons would be hard water. So if you want I can actually do a video for you on hard water versus soft water and the difference it makes to your hair and body. But hard water. The other thing is when you have long hot showers. The third thing is the products that you are wearing in the shower. So things that have denatured alcohol in them, have fragrance in them, have essential oils in them, are all irritants or skin sensitizers. And some of them increase free radicals in the skin which damage collagen and lead to premature aging. No one wants premature aging. None of us. So let’s also protect our body too.
And lastly, people just not moisturizing properly after a shower. People tend to come out of the shower and generally don’t really want to wear creams on the body because it feels cold. I’ve actually done best body creams for you, and how to hydrate your skin. I tend to tell you to go for oils more to create an occlusive barrier for transepidermal water loss on the body. And also it just feels warmer when you come out of the shower, rather than a cold cream. So that’s the best way really to trap water molecules into the skin.
Honestly, if you go down to a local drugstore and you have a look at which body washes are available, the majority of them will have fragrance very high up in the ingredients list. Even for children. So a lot of people have asked me to review Childs Farm. And I’ve bought the Childs Farm washes for my children, thinking that it was good. Just based on recommendation. I didn’t even look at the ingredients list myself. And when I went back and looked at it, fragrance was really high up.
And actually, when I put my son Josh in the bath, you could literally feel how dry was afterwards and it was a mistake. So especially with children, they really cannot tolerate fragrance in their body washes. So please be careful. In fact, I was going to do a full review for you on Childs Farm but I’m now not going to because they’re all loaded with fragrance, and I don’t like doing negative reviews where I don’t like a single thing in a whole brand. So we’re not going to do that.
But let me tell you which ones you should buy for your skin. Okay, so my first product that I would recommend is the Aveeno Dermexa Body Wash. So it has gentle surfactants in it. It’s got sodium trideceth sulfate. And the third ingredients it’s got is glycerin, which is a very powerful humectant water magnet. And it’s also got ceramides in it too, which is rare actually to find in a body wash. It’s got no fragrance, no denatured alcohol, no skin sensitizers. This one is a definite buy. And I believe Aveeno, you can purchase in many countries and is relatively inexpensive, and you can find it in your local drug store. So that one is Dr. V approved.
And the second product I like, which I know you’re going to think sounds really strange is Paula’s Choice All Over Hair & Body Shampoo. Okay so, in terms of shampoos as well, I’ve done another video for you on sensitive skin scalp shampoos because, again, majority of shampoos are really not good for us in terms if you’ve got sensitive scalps. Fragrance is rampant on the shelves in supermarkets.
So this one is a good also for your scalp. It’s got gentle surfactants in it. Sodium laureth sulfate. It’s got ammonium laureth sulfate in too. It’s got cocamidopropyl betaine, which as you know is a luxurious foaming agent which doesn’t doesn’t strip the skin. They’ve also added panthenol in, which is an anti-inflammatory. I love panthenol. I love anything that’s anti-inflammatory for our skin. No alcohol. No fragrance. Woo-hoo-hoo. Do you know how rare it is to find something without fragrance?
The only thing I would say is, it doesn’t have humectants in it, and what I would then do is definitely moisturize after. That’s the only thing I would say about this particular product, but I think the reason they’ve done that is because it’s for hair and body. So it’s for different reasons actually, and they usually have slightly different formulas. So just make sure you hydrate your body afterwards if you’re using this one.
The next product I love is Dove DermaSeries Body Wash. So again, it’s full of gentle surfactants that I love. It’s got emollients in it such as hydrogenated soybean oil and has got glycerin in it, which as you know is a very powerful humectant. Has no alcohol, no drying agents and no irritants. So, I absolutely love that. If you want to know more about Dove, there are a few products that I love, and a lot that I would avoid, so head over and have a look at the Dove video that I’ve made for you as well.
The fourth one that I love is actually Vanicream Gentle Body Wash. Vanicream was introduced to me by Dr. Dray, who is an excellent dermatologist on YouTube. I know she loves Vanicream. It think she had eczema in the past, and so she’s been using Vanicream for years. And I think it’s one that you’re more likely to get in the US. I love that body wash. That’s definitely worth purchasing. Also, if you have dry skin or irritated skin, just avoid anything with fragrance in it, including washes.So, purchase one of the ones we’ve discussed.

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