In winter, our skin is being assaulted constantly, whether you’re inside and you have central heating on or air conditioning on you, you have increased transepidermal water loss. So water is literally evaporating for your skin and your skin is going to feel tight. Then you go outside into the cold and you have freezing cold air hitting your skin. And that is also an assault on your skin and is to free radicals in the skin, which leads to premature aging, or it’s the wind, you know, smashing you in the face too. And that does the same thing. And this is why rosacea becomes so much worse in, in the cold. So these extreme temperature changes are not good for our skin. And really we have to do everything in our power in order to keep that skin hydrated, to ensure you’ve got antioxidants in the skin and you’ve got skin soothers and skin repairers in your skin. I never want you to have to wake up in the morning and feel like your skin is tight, or you come back from a day at work and you haven’t been able to moisturize all day long from the morning and your skin feels tight. I don’t want that because that tight feeling is stress on your skin. And that leads to premature aging as well, which we definitely do not want. So I’m going to go through a step-by-step routine, I’m going to tell you the classic mistakes that are being made and how to avoid them.
So let’s start off with a cleanser. You want a hydrating cleanser. So the one that I always talk about is, is my micellar gel wash. After you wear it, you will feel like your skin hasn’t been stripped you or feel like your skin is hydrated. And every step of your skincare routine should be doing the same thing for you. So I’d follow it up by your toner. Your toner needs to have no witch Hazel in it now, alcohol in it. I want it to just have humectants in it. I want it to have water magnets in it. It’s a fantastic thing to be doing in the morning. And at nighttime, then if you’re exfoliating, I would only exfoliate two nights a week. If you have normal skin or dry skin. The next thing you want to do is you want to be using antioxidants. So the one I love is from Paula’s choice. Imagine all day long, you have free radicals, wreaking havoc in your skin, damaging your collagen and aging, your skin. We want to mop up those free radicals. You want to use a sponge. That’s going to take away those free radicals that are not good for our skin, and to create that healing environment for your skin. So that’s why antioxidants are great. And I tend to wear them at nighttime. The next thing is moisturise. So make sure you’re using a fatty moisturizer. The mistake people make is that they’ll wear a face lotion. So when I manufacture, for example, the thickness of the cream is based on how many fats I use. What percentage of the cream are fats. So your Sotera alcohol for example, is a fatty emollient. So basically the fattier,
Your cream, the longer Your hydration is going to be. If you’re wearing a thin lotion, you’re going to have water being evaporated from a skin. And within a couple of hours, the skin is going to feel tight. It was exact opposite of what I want you to feel. So you want to go far heavier moisturizer in the winter compared to what you might potentially wear in the summer. I would also make sure you wearing ceramides in your skincare, in your moisturizer as well. Because again, it hydrates your skin. I would then follow up with your marula oil or any sort of oil that’s going to reduce. Transepidermal water loss. You want to go for something That’s just going to be a barrier, but without clogging your pores. So the one I love is marula. If I’m not using oil, then I love to use Naturium sleep mask, which again, just prevents transepidermal water loss. And the other one that I love is from Paula’s choice, which is super hydrating mask. So whichever one suits you, then none of these have any fragrance in them. And none of them have any irritating ingredients in them, which is really key for us. Don’t forget with oils because the majority of active ingredients are dissolved in water in oil. You’re not going to find many actives other than vitamin A and vitamin E everything else is water soluble. And so actually your oil is purely to prevent transepidermal water loss.
So very important to go for nice fatty moisturizer with no fragrance in it for your hands, your feet are the other thing that I just totally neglected in the winter. It’s like, you know, we don’t wear sandals. And so now we don’t get our nails done. And so we just like, forget that we have feet get to spring anything. The one that I love is carousel is an intensive foot repair. And it really hydrates your skin and just prevents you from getting dry skin. Because once you start getting dry skin and your feet skin hardens, and then it becomes very difficult to remove it. The only way is through humectants. If you try and scrape it off or, you know, or too harsh with your skin and fat to just hard skin will just grow back and replace it.
You want, you have to come in with love with your feet. That really is what your feet requires. The next one is your body. The body is the other thing that we really neglect when we’re not exposing our body in the summer. And so your skin becomes really dry. So what I would say is when you come out of the shower and your skin is still wet, that is when I would apply an oil to my skin.
I don’t have any fragrance in my body routine. I think a big reason people don’t actually moisturize when they come at the shower is because it’s freezing. And you just want to be quick, you put your clothes on as fast as possible, but actually when you’re quite warm and you’ve got water on and you put the oil on top, it just helps to trap it in. You must moisturise there’s no excuse. We can all do this.

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